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Faithful Friends has refocused our efforts to aid the many Community Cats that live "feral" in/around the Detroit Tri-County area.  We do this by trapping, spaying/neutering and returning (TNR) these community cats to the areas which they are found/live.  Most of these cats are not socialized to live in a home environment so our volunteers work at trapping, transporting the cats to the spay/neuter clinics and managing the "colonies" where these cats live.  If you would like to help one of these colonies or are interested in helping transport cats to/from the clinics or even temporarily housing the cats (in their cages) for several days post surgery, please complete our volunteer inquiry form.  If you do not wish to work directly with the animals, here are just a few things you can do in lieu of fostering:

Organize a Fundraiser - Help out our needy animals by organizing and running a fundraiser or bottle can drive.  Our dog and cat fosters are all super busy between working their normal 9-5 jobs, coming home to schlep their foster to the vet or a home visit, along with their normal family commitments so it leaves us very little time to raise the money we need to continue rescuing needy dogs and cats. Some ideas include:


  • Charity Jean Day at Your Office - Many offices conduct weekly or monthly charity jean days - collecting money from employees who'd like to wear jeans.  Our rescue is recognized by the IRS as a Non-Profit Charity which means donations to our rescue are tax deductible!

  • Bottle Can Drive - post flyers in your neighborhood explaining you're collecting for our rescue, along with a day that you'll collect.  Then turn in the bottles at your local store and donate the proceeds to our rescue!

  • Golf Outing - organize a golf outing and round up golfing participants!  We'll help spread the word too!

  • Garage/Yard Sale - Conduct a garage/yard sale and donate the proceeds (one of our foster dogs or cats could even make an appearance)!

  • Have an idea of your own?  Please email us your great idea(s) to ffarboard@gmail.com.


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